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Drive engagement, employee wellness, and company culture.
Increase workplace wellness and well-being.  

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All our CarePackage Programs come with:​

  • Pulse Surveys

  • Branded Insert Cards

  • Branded Landing Pages

  • Discounts for Recurring Programs

  • Charities Benefited

  • Reimbursable by your Wellness Dollars

Every person and company is different- there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for promoting a culture of care.

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Talk to our Employee Engagement Advisors today! Let's build the case for building a culture of care.
1. Plans Based on Your Goals.

Decide between one-time packages or recurring. Create custom plans for employee engagement, employee appreciation, onboarding, and more!

2. Make Selections.

Choose products, plans, and survey questions for your team. Also, opt for eco-friendly custom branded experiences too.

3. Sit Back and Enjoy.

Submit your orders, addresses, and more using our super-secure portal.  Get 3-day shipping if you're really in a rush. 

"87% of Americans don’t feel engaged in their jobs"


Imagine 100% Open Rates.

We'll build the soapbox, you craft the perfect message. With the right platform, anything is possible. 

Keep the conversation going with a curated one-off or subscription-based CarePackages.

Workplace wellness and well-being is a constant work in progress (just like it is in other aspects of like). The same can be said about employee appreciation or employee engagement.

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Share your voice with print & digital messaging.

Get insert cards, QR codes, and a dedicated webpage for your message. You can add your branding to both, and your own images, text, and video too. 

Hear their voice with CareSurveys.

Ask your team where they'd like to have their tree planted. Create video surveys to engage with your team. Use our pulse survey features and get insights.

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Our Triple Bottom Line.

Finding causes is easy, figuring out what your workplace stands for is harder.

We're here to help you build that platform of authenticity. 

Crowd with Masks
  • 100% ethically sourced, ethically compensated, and made with care. 

  • 80% of our products support businesses owned by women, minority groups, and people from diverse identities. 

  • Connect meaningfully & authentically with the values and identities of your workplace. 

Meditation in Forest
  • We plant one tree for every care package sent, in Madagascar, Mozambique, or Nicaragua.

  • Trees are planted by local communities, giving jobs and preserving endangered wildlife.

  • Eco-initiatives to re-forest, save wildlife, restore our oceans, and more every month. 

  • A highly engaged workforce leads to + 20% in sales, and +21% profitability (Gallup)

  • Employees feel 4.6x more empowered to perform their best when they feel seen and heard. (Salesforce

  • Employee engagement keeps the doctor away- 61% of engaged employees say their workplace positively impacts their health. (Gallup)  

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