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Our engagement survey helps you know what employees need most to perform their best.

Congratulations on taking a critical step toward building a thriving workplace for your employees.
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The About the Survey.  

  • Our survey methodology is based on Gallup Press' 12: The Elements of Great Managing by Jim Hartner, which represents the best of the best in understanding employee engagement.

  • The survey is based on over 7 decades of studies on over 2.7 million workers, across 100,000+ teams, across 50 industries, this survey is the gold standard in helping your employees thrive. 

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The Science of Engagement.

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There are 12 needs managers need to meet to bring out the best in employees. We ask about each one in the survey.  


Each of these needs fits into the hierarchy of employee's development needs.


Successfully fulfilling the needs in the bottom three sections allow managers to get the most out of the top-level- personal and professional growth.  

Conversely, without meeting basic needs, the following needs cannot follow suit. 

Get a Revealing Report Full of Actionable Insights.

The survey isn't a solution in itself, but it gives you and your managers critical insights into the needs of your employees.


Then, your leadership can incorporate these insights into their agendas, one-on-ones, and communication practices to drive outcomes that matter to your organization. 


See it in Action.

Need 7: At work, my opinions seem to count. 

Have you ever worked somewhere you felt your voice wasn't heard? How much did that factor into you leaving that role?

You can't have an engaged employee if they don't feel like their opinions are respected and valued.  No leader or manager can survive alone, nor do they have all the answers. This element of engagement is powerful and measures employees' sense of value and contribution.

On average around the world, only one in four employees feel that their opinions count.  Just by bringing this number to two out of four employees, Gallup saw these results across the 100,000 teams they worked with: 

  • 22% reduction in turnover

  • 33% reduction in safety incidents

  • 10% increase in productivity

Our Programming.

Care Packages
Engagement Surveys
Proven Outcomes
Our Care Packages & Engagement Surveys help drive outcomes that you care about. 

Outcomes To Look Forward To. 


in absenteeism


in turnover for high-turnover organizations*


in turnover for low-turnover organizations*


in shrinkage (theft)


in safety incidents (accidents)


in patient safety incidents (mortality & falls)


in customer loyalty & engagement


in productivity (records & evaluations)


in productivity (sales)


in profitability (sales)


in well-being (net thriving employees)


in organizational citizenship & participation

*The above figures are median percent differences across companies in Gallup's database. High-turnover organizations are those with more than 40% annualized turnover. Low-turnover organizations are those with 40% or lower annualized turnover.

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