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Bring wellness into the workday to 

A culture of care creates thriving employees and businesses. Our wellness CarePackages and programs increase overall employee wellness, engagement, inclusion, and retention. 

Seattle, Washington. 


The New Normal is Here to Stay. 

It's time to think differently about core culture in a decentralized workplace.

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Even though most companies offer well-being programs, over half of employees are not even aware of them. 

Never fail to get your foot in the door again with our unmissable employee wellbeing CarePackgages:


  • A mix of food, drinks, personal care, & mental-wellbeing items

  • Custom insert cards and landing pages for your messages

  • Delivered free to your employee's homes

  • Pulse surveys to measure engagement

  • Ecologically & socially conscious, at every point of the supply chain


Once your employees know they're being taken care of, you'll see engagement go through the roof.

CarePackages Shipping Now:

Starting at $29, with free shipping, and one tree planted per CarePackage.


Mental Health Kits

The global pandemic has put mental well-being at the forefront of HR initiatives. After the Q4 crunch and stressful holidays, these wellness gifts for employees are a popular order. 

Eco Friendly New Years Resolutions.png

When making your new year's resolutions, make a green one too. This employee care package is filled with items to get you started! 


Heart Health Month

With heart disease affecting nearly half of American adults and being the cause of death in a quarter, we put together a heart-friendly wellness care package with proceeds going to the American Heart Association.

Your existing wellness funds can cover the costs.

Call your broker or provider today to see if your wellness CarePackages may be reimbursed.
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Effortless Employee Engagement.



Sign up and let us know about your wellness, retention or engagement needs. Choose a CarePackage or we can assist ith a custom CarePackage.

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Your employee engagement advisor will help you craft the perfect program, delivery goals and CTAs to meet your CarePackage goals.  

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Sit back and learn. Opting for recurring programs & surveys can help you keep a pulse on the people you care for. 

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