We’re creating a better way
to work together.

The CultureCare Forest.

We've committed to planting a native tree in a forest with every box sent out, to offset the carbon footprint it takes to produce & ship. 

3% Giveback.

All our initiatives support relevant businesses and donate 3% of proceeds to solve problems our global community faces. 

Social Enterprises Only.

Our logistics, retailers, packaging suppliers, ink producers, and supply chain are all designed to be good for everyone.  It's win-win-win.

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Our Residency Program.

We work with some fantastic folks who help make CultureCare an amazing place to work. Meet our current residents:
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Shaina Fawn
Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Founder of Therapeutic Bridges

Fawn dedicates every day to dismantling stigma around mental health and improving access and quality of mental well-being resources.


In her residency program, Fawn is building bridges to better wellness, and curating resources to educate leaders on trauma, resilience, and the importance of mental well-being while providing real solutions to current challenges. 

Fawn specializes in consulting for the entertainment industry in Hollywood, and is currently pursuing her PhD  in Integrated Social Work. 

Say Hi 👋

María Urdaneta Fernández
Illustrator & Visual Artist

Fernández is a Venezuelan industrial-engineer-turned-illustrator who's had a strong passion for illustration since she was a child.


Fernández's thoughtful semi-surreal composition brings representation to the many intangible ways impact can be achieved through small purpose-driven decisions. Now living in Chile, Fernández is developing a new collection for CultureCare as we prepare to launch our new platform.

Clay Artist

What matters to us.

You might’ve heard this story before, but for us, it's in our DNA. We're only interested in growing a venture that helps our world.