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Why retention via engagement should be imperative for every manager in 2022

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

We're here to help with mental well-being, physical well-being, perks, and communication- (all potentially for free - ask us about wellness funds).

The last 22 months brought unprecedented and rapid change to every facet of our lives. Innovation was massively accelerated and forced across every industry - healthcare, restaurants, retail, travel, education, entertainment... nothing was left untouched.

Instantly gone were the days of HR leaders and managers being able to engage with employees in person. No more boardroom or break room chats. No more impromptu pulse checks, lunches and learns, or team meetings to promote company initiatives and communications - keys to building a strong culture.

Employee engagement, and in turn, employee retention has become harder than ever and must now be accomplished almost entirely through remote and decentralized channels. Emails, texts, Slack channels, Zoom and Google Meets are mashed together to accomplish what was once done IRL (in real life).

Daniel Zhao, senior economist and lead data scientist at employer review aggregator Glassdoor, thinks 2022 will be defined by the new normal and skyrocketing employee power within a historically tight labor market.

This assessment is backed up by daily articles, stories, and anecdotes detailing “The Great Resignation'' or “The Great Reshuffle” that the US economy is experiencing. I’ve seen it myself, as more retail stores, restaurants, and businesses of all sizes, are closing or reducing hours due to limited staffing. Employers across all industries are struggling to fill openings and to retain current employees as turnover remains historically high.

Successful companies in the new year will embrace rapid innovation and consider new ways to drive employee engagement, retention, and overall well-being.

As with all challenges, if you look closely, there are opportunities to learn and improve how things are done. Successful employers are thinking differently about how to engage, inspire and retain their employees. McKinsey states, “When employees at any level say that their purpose is fulfilled by their work, the work and life outcomes they report are anywhere from two to five times higher than those reported by their unfulfilled peers.” Aligning a company's purpose with its employees’ purpose is accomplished through effective communication and engagement strategies. A large-scale study covering 120+ employers from 2016-2020 found that “above all else, employee engagement is paramount to success.”

Retention is driven by engagement around a shared purpose.

But how do HR leaders and managers drive employee engagement when teams and employees are remote and decentralized?

Do you send an email and cross your fingers that it is reviewed and acted upon? Do you schedule another Zoom? Create a new Slack channel? Sure, you can do that. But 22 months of staring into an 8 x 12" pixelated workplace, millions of Americans are feeling serious notification fatigue. Every new email and chat chime represents another bullet point in the endless to-do list. (A Pavlovian association you might want to sidestep).

So how do you compete with all the noise to help center your employees around a shared purpose? Well, you innovate and do something new and fun and inspiring. Something that nudges healthy habits, increases engagement and overall well-being...leading to improved retention.

Given that 1 in 4 employees quit their jobs last year, last year's Slack chat and email tactics just aren't working. We urge anyone in a position of leadership to think outside of the notification box for ways to connect meaningfully with the values of your workplace.

Studies show that companies with low employee wellbeing experience 2x the rate of turnover.

CarePackages help your employee engagement go through the roof (or through the front door) with 100% open rates. Physical wellness products, inspiring brands, and good for you goodies bring smiles to your employees and teams wherever they are. Think items to optimize the way we eat, drink, sleep and wake up. Tools to promote self-care, mindfulness and sustainability inspire all of our CarePackages. Custom insert cards, QR codes, and landing pages provide multiple channels to engage with your teams - giving HR leaders and managers a guaranteed way to get their messages to their teams. Optional surveys and pulse-checks drive data-driven engagement and decision-making.

From the moment they open their CarePackage, their wellness journey begins with international-artist-inspired, sustainable packaging representing 1 tree planted in a native forest - you and your team make a visible commitment to the planet.

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