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EarthShine Aloe Vera

EarthShine Aloe Vera

Why we picked this: EarthShine makes their products from sustainably farmed, non-GMO, hardwood species, like eucalyptus, creating a much better alternative to plastic! Minority Owned, and Eco-friendly, this travel size aloe jar is ready for your skin after a long overdue day of fun-in-the-sun!


More about this product: 

All natural aloe vera in a reusable glass and bamboo jar. Weight: 4g.
Made in United States



  • Explore our select partner: EarthShine

    We’re a group of earth-conscious individuals who love to shine. We’d like to keep our planet sparkly for a long time to come, which means leaving it in a better condition than we found it. Our products are made of plant cellulose from sustainably farmed eucalyptus trees. It’s 100% biodegradable in marine water and safe to wash down the drain. Our plant based glitter is vegan and we never test on animals. Our formula is twice as soft as traditional glitter and FDA compliant, so it’s safe for your face and body!

  • Q&A with EarthShine

    Question: What is aloe?

    Answer: The stemless aloe vera plant can grow in extreme conditions, even in poor soil and in different types of climates. The number of aloe vera species recorded worldwide has grown to over 400, and the majority of them occur naturally in warm climates.

    Question: Does aloe help with sunburn relief?

    Answer: Besides being soothing and moisturizing, aloe vera also has cooling properties. In addition to its affordability, it is an ideal remedy for soothing minor sunburns at home. The substance mucopolysaccharides found in aloe may help retain moisture in sunburned skin.

    Question: How long does sunburn take to heal with aloe?

    Answer: The symptoms usually appear six hours after exposure. The severity of the sunburn will determine how long it takes for the skin to heal. You can speed up the healing process of a sunburn rash by applying a cool compress or aloe vera gel.


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