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First Aid Arts Coloring Post Card

First Aid Arts Coloring Post Card

Why we picked this: Design your postcard and send it to a loved one; social connections are vital for our emotional and physical well-being (and longevity)! Coloring heightens and sharpens awareness so that we can focus and supports nervous system regulation through rhythmic repetitive action which can help to decrease anxiety. It takes approximately 15 minutes for our brain and body to calm down through a regulatory action like coloring.


More about this product: Bring color and creativity to these postcards and pass the beauty along to another! Color these in, write a note, and send to someone in your life who encourages your own creativity.

  • Explore our select partner: First Aid Arts

    Since 2010, First Aid Arts has been leaders in bringing effective arts-based resources to trauma survivors and those who care for them. We provide training and support to individuals and organizations who want to offer effective arts-based care to survivors of natural disasters, human trafficking, forced migration, domestic violence, homelessness, and other types of trauma. We are counselors, artists, people of all walks of life who understand the healing power of the arts. Our headquarters is in Seattle, Washington, USA.Our services and network of partners span the globe.

  • Q&A with First Aid Arts

    Question: How do you design the training programs?

    Answer: Healing and harm reduction are possible through the arts. Our trainings and toolkit programs are informed by neurological and psychological research that supports the use of arts-based psychosocial resources to promote resilience and reduce the symptoms of post-traumatic stress. Our trainings equip responders, facilitators, and partners, in the areas of: psychoeducation, working with distress, self care, multi-modal arts, group faciliation. 

    Question: How does music therapy promote psychological well-being?

    Answer: Singing and humming calms our nervous system down and encourages us to breathe. Singing can lower cortisol levels related to stress, and releases chemicals like dopamine and serotonin which help to regulate our mood and connect us to feelings of reward and pleasure. Music is a powerful tool that can change our nervous system so that our energy level matches what we need or want to do. Using a song that has known associations of pleasure or joy, and which activates memories of well-being can provide an anchor that helps us to regulate and selfsoothe. Research shows it takes 13 minutes listening to music to release sadness and 9 minutes to make you happy.

    Question: Which communities do you help around the world?

    Answer: When you give to First Aid Arts, you support incarcerated women in Florida, South Sudanese refugees in Uganda, Syrian refugee children at Azraq refugee camp in Jordan, among many more people around the globe.

    Question: What is First Aid Arts HQ?

    Answer: First Aid Arts HQ is our online community for FAA responders, group facilitators, and implementing partners. Access videos and articles from the training, keep up to date with FAA revisions, and explore new activities and ideas for implementation! Best of all, you can connect and dialogue with FAA community members all over the world. Have a question about adapting a particular activity? Ask the entire FAA community! And don’t miss our regularly occurring webinars for continued learning and announcements for regional meet-ups near you.

    Question: Where can I buy First Aid Arts coloring postcards?

    Answer: You can buy more postcards at our online store located on our website


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