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Fluffed Animals Magnetic Bookmarks

Fluffed Animals Magnetic Bookmarks

Why we picked this: Numerous studies have shown reading is extremely beneficial. Picking up a good book can make you happier, reduce stress levels, calm nerves, boost creativity, create empathy, and ease muscle and heart tension. LGBTQIA+ Owned and made with love out of San Jose, California. Make some tea, grab a book, and get outside this summer! What is on your reading list?


More about this product: Use these as bookmarks in your latest read, or to mark your page in your day planner. Or you can get creative and hang them from a string to display inspiring or important papers. Cute animals will save your place and bring a bit of joy next time you open your book. Cut by hand from 16 pt cardstock with a glossy finish, these bookmarks are quite sturdy. Each bookmark measures approximately 1.25" x 0.85" (3.5 cm x 2.2 cm).

  • Explore our select partner: Fluffed Animals

    Hi there! I'm Laura. I make gifts and accessories starring cheerful animal characters to delight daydreamers and optimists.

    The first Fluffed Animals products were born out of a time when I was feeling drained by my busy schedule of being a full-time student and nearly-full-time grocery worker. I had a rare free evening and wanted to make something just for me, so I whipped up a little fox pillow. Oliver was a bit lumpy and unevenly sewn, but he made me smile, and that’s all I needed in that moment.

    Later, I would create a raccoon named Patrick so Oliver wouldn’t be lonely. I knew right away that this was exactly what I needed to be doing, and I’ve spent the last eight years developing new products starring these sweet animal friends.

    I know from personal experience how bruising the world’s hard edges can be for dreamers. It’s my hope that these friends will be there for you, to quietly encourage you and remind you that you’re not alone.

  • Q&A with Fluffed Animals

    Question: Who designs your products?

    Answer: All of our items are handmade and designed by our founder, Laura Fisher. 

    Question: How would you describe your own style?

    Answer: I would have to say quirky and colourful. I do think this is somewhat reflected in my designs, though the things I create are a bit more on the simple side.

    Question: Please tell me about the creative process that went into your current collection.

    Answer: I usually begin with my sketchbook. I use combinations of fleece, felt and flannel, depending on what I’m making, and I work mostly with hand-stitching and my sewing machine.


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