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Notably Paper Company Affirmation Cards

Notably Paper Company Affirmation Cards

Why we picked this: By their very nature,  words of affirmation promote optimism - and positive thinking is powerful! Affirmations have been shown to decrease negative thoughts and the tendency to dwell on negative experiences. Positive messages can replace negative ones and enable us to construct more hopeful, adaptive narratives about who we are.


Take a moment everyday to look at these cards and remind yourself of how worthy, talented, and special you are! 



More about this product: Women Owned, Eco-friendly, and handmde with love out of Charlotte, North Carolina.

  • Explore our select partner: Notably Paper Company

    We strive to be notably creative, notably passionate, and notably reliable. We are Sara + Garreth; a public school teacher and an Air Force reservist. A Type A and a Type B. A designer and a number-cruncher. We came up with Notably after deciding we wanted to work together as a team to combine our passions + help others spread good vibes. We are originally (and enthusiastically) from Buffalo, NY and relocated to Charlotte, NC a few years ago!

    Thank you for choosing Notably and supporting our little dream.

  • Q&A with Notably Paper Company

    Question: Are you products made in the US?

    Answer: Yes! We handmake everything out of our studio in North Carolina. 

    Question: Who designs your artwork?

    Answer: My co-founder and I both love to draw and design - it's in our blood!

    Question: Are your products eco-friendly?

    Answer: Absolutely, all of our collections are made from 100% recycled materials


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