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Savor Street Grain-Free Pretzels

Savor Street Grain-Free Pretzels

Why we picked this: IT’S A NO GRAINER ® A new twist on a traditional snack, our grain free pretzels taste so good, you don’t have to be gluten free or grain free to love their delicious crunch! Family owned. 


More about this product: Our grain-free pretzels allow you to indulge yourself with delicious goodness in every bite. As you savor the flavor, we also encourage you to savor the moment, wherever you are and whoever you are with. Our original grain free pretzel recipe is based on foods our family’s been cooking and enjoying for years. And now we are so excited to share them with you!

  • Q&A with Savor Street

    Question: How do you choose your ingredients?


    Answer: All of our ingredients are carefully chosen with our Mama Bear Hats on. We prioritize the best quality ingredients for our allergen friendly community and never compromise for anything less.


    Question: What is Cassava Flour?


    Answer: Cassava is a root vegetable related to the sweet potato and Cassava Flour comes from Ground Cassava root.Cassava Flour is grain free, gluten free, dairy free, nut free, vegan and paleo. It’s fine and powdery with an earthy flavor and can be used as a one to one replacement with regular flour.Cassava Flour is also drought resistant, meaning it needs very little water, making it a sustainable ingredient!


    Question: Is your Palm Oil Sustainable?


    Answer: Yes, our Palm Oil is RSPO Sustainable Palm Oil. We pride ourselves on taking sustainability seriously.


    Question: Do your products contain peanuts?


    Answer: No, all of our No Grainer pretzels are Peanut Free and baked in a Nut Free Facility. *(Excluding our Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate No Grainers)*Are your products Vegan? 


    Question: Are your products sugar-free?


    Answer: All of our No Grainer pretzels contain 0g Sugar. *(Excluding our Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate No Grainers)*

  • Explore our select partner: Savor Street

    When our daughter, Kelly, was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, celiac disease, and numerous other food intolerances in 2000, we reluctantly went grain-free as a family. Our after-school chats over a savory snack quickly lost their familiar charm. Just about every beloved snack was now banned from the house. Even when life throws you the unexpected, it’s important to have delicious go-to family-friendly foods you can count on. We also learned the truth behind the mind-gut connection and the incredible impact that has. Determined to find a way back to our favorite treats — without any gluten, grains, GMOs, sugar, soy, dairy, nuts, or animal products — I hit the kitchen. Hundreds of experiments and one serendipitous bakery partnership later, Savor Street pretzels was born to bring wholesome treats from our family to yours. Now, the salty crunch of a delicious snack is just a bag of twists away...for every family.

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