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That's So Andrew Pride Pin

That's So Andrew Pride Pin

Why we picked this: Designed in 2018 by Graphic designer Daniel Quasar, Quasar added a five-colored chevron to the classic Rainbow Flag to place a greater emphasis on “inclusion and progression.” Quasar’s Progress Pride Flag added five arrow-shaped lines to the six-colored Rainbow Flag, which is widely recognized as the symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBTQ+) community.The flag includes black and brown stripes to represent marginalized LGBTQ+ communities of color, along with the colors pink, light blue and white, which are used on the Transgender Pride Flag.


More about this product: By wearing this pin you demonstrate Rubrik's dedication to inclusivity and equailty for all. Fasten this flag onto your favorite hat, shirt, or tote bag. Stand out...shine... and be colorful!

  • Explore our select partner: That's So Andrew

    A very common question I get is... How did you start That's So Andrew? It was a long journey. I created my first product when I was only 17. It was a line of candles that had snarky quotes on them. They were hugely successful and my candle line hobby had gone full time business very quickly.

    When I was 19 I said" my oh my... this is all too much!" I, without much thought, shut down my business for an extended break. I headed straight to Thailand and stayed for an entire month! 


    If you're asking... why was it too much? Well making things production style is very repetitive and to be frank, and I have a VERY short attention span. I prefer to be creative and constantly brainstorm new products and collections--so pouring candles was not something I wanted to continue to do. 


    Back to Thailand: it was the b e s t thing I ever did. I accidentally made a contact with a manufacturer, located in China, ordered my first product sample and haven't looked back since! Now I know what you are thinking... China... but trust me when I tell you I have very high standards for my products! I would never sell some cheap looking product that you could find on or something! I have 2 partnered factories who pride themselves on their attention to detail and craftsmanship. 

  • Q&A with That's So Andrew

    Question: Are your products handmade?

    Answer: Yes! Everything we make is handmade and Eco-friendly. (We do not sell on Amazon).

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