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The Bath Lab Bath Bomb

The Bath Lab Bath Bomb

Why we picked this: This Shea Butter Bath Bomb is filled with bright colors, fun smells, and skin loving ingredients. Once dissolved in water, bath bombs release citric acid which fizzes up and helps loosen damaged layers of skin. The oils inside are super moisturizing, basking in your tub will leave your skin feeling soft and supple. The Bath Lab loves to create brightly colored products with fabulous smells all while using ingredients that are safe, and good for you! LGBTQIA+ Owned & Handmade. 


More about this product: A fruity bouquet with scrumptious strawberry, fresh banana, peach, and melon, this bath bomb will get you in the tub for some overdue You Time! Baths help many people sleep well. Besides providing a calm environment for meditation, they offer an escape from day-to-day stress. There is also some evidence that a 30-minute soak in 104°F (similar to a hot tub) helps reduce depression. Give it a try!



  • Q&A with The Bath Lab

    Question: What is a bath bomb?

    Answer: A bath bomb is a mixture of sodium bicarbonate and citric acid, when combined these two ingredients create a "fizzing" action when added to water. With this base we add skin loving oils and butters to create a moisturizing and relaxing experience for you.

    Question: What ingredients do you use for your Bath Bombs?

    Answer: Sodium Bicarbonate. Citric Acid. Magnesium Sulfate. Kaolin Clay. Shea Butter. Cocoa Butter. Soybean Oil. Sunflower Oil. Polysorbate 80. Fragrance Oil. Witch Hazel. FDA APPROVED Colorants and glitters may also have been used in this bath bomb.

    Question: Will the product stain my skin?

    Answer: No! We add all the right ingredients and leave out all the nasty stuff. Your skin will never be stained from our products!

    Question: The product doesn't look exactly like photo on the website, why?

    Answer: Due to the nature of all our items being handmade in small batches, some variation may be present when you receive your product. This is the beauty of small batched and handmade items! Each product will always be a little different and that is what we love.


  • Explore our select partner: The Bath Lab

    The Bath Lab was started in a tiny two bedroom apartment in a small town in Southern Indiana. What started as just a fun hobby for founder Josh, quickly became an extremely fun side project and he began selling on Etsy. Over a year of this the name quickly gained traction and a following and has continued to rapidly grow every year since opening in 2017. They source over 95% of ingredients and materials through other small businesses across the US - we need more people like Josh!


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