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The Good Chocolate

The Good Chocolate

This award-winning bean-to-bar chocolate is made from organic ingredients that are delicious, healthier & keto-friendly for people seeking a healthy lifestyle. The Good Chocolate is the lowest calorie, lowest Net Carb dark chocolate in the market!


Zero sugar (not a low calorie food) – Coconut Milk flavor are Lower Sugar, Keto Friendly, Lower Net Carb than 65% chocolate with sugar. Erythritol Plant-based Sweeteners & VeganBean-to-bar quality – made from organic cacao beans and organic processed cocoa butter. 


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    We are Ben & Miki, two life long friends and partners in a branding and design agency.


    In 2014, we started experimenting with eliminating sugar from our diet. We embarked on a journey determined to cut out everything including honey, agave, high-fructose corn syrup – you name it and started using organic, low-to-no calorie sweeteners like Erythritol and Stevia. Six months later, we had each lost 10 pounds and felt great, we had more energy during the day. Sustained focus during work without mid-day crashes and, most importantly, we felt inspired.


    Along the way we learned a lot about the science of sugar and became aware that most food companies use sugar to keep us hooked on their products regardless of sugar’s well-known negative effects. We decided to do something about it and The Good Chocolate was born.


    We challenged ourselves to come up with a bean-to-bar chocolate that could stand up to our own high standards. We roasted a lot of cacao. We received feedback from family, friends & experts – some who didn’t believe it could be done. After a few months of trial and error, we came up with a sweet-blend of organic sweeteners all found in fruits & plants. The result was an exquisite, 100% organic bean-to-bar chocolate that’s as delicious as it is healthy.


    We know this sounds too good to be true because “delicious” and “sugar free” rarely go together. But the real secret is that by getting rid of sugar, only cacao’s superb qualities and divine flavors remain, resulting in a rich, bold chocolate that is surprisingly sweet, and – we believe – worthy of its name.

  • Q&A with The Good Chocolate

    Question: Is your product organic?

    Answer: Yes. We source cacao beans & cacao butter from producers who are certified organic. We carefully select a blend of cacao beans to make our unique flavor profile from across Central & South America, and the Caribbean.

    Question: What is Erythritol and why do you use it?

    Answer:  This magical carbohydrate is naturally found in pears and mushrooms, and other fruits & plants. Its remarkable benefits include zero (0) calories, a 0 glycemic index, and it doesn’t promote tooth decay. Equally important, Erythritol is easier to digest than other sugar alternatives.

    Question: How did you make the lowest calorie chocolate bar?

    Answer: We reduce calories up to 45% by jettisoning the 5 to 12 teaspoons of sugar contained in chocolate-with-sugar. As a happy byproduct, the absence of sugar enhances cacao’s natural flavors. We have yet to find any dark chocolate bar with fewer calories per ounce. Get ready for a new kind of chocolate Boom :)!

    Question: Where can I buy The Good Chocolate?

    Answer: The Good Chocolate is available to purchase online on their website and on Amazon.

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