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Andie Herbert

Workplace Kindness Consultant & Chief Happiness Officer

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Andie is a culture and performance improvement expert that helps businesses master corporate culture.

Andie Herbert is not on your typical corporate consultancy mission. She's made it her job make kindness the center of how we work, live and thrive in our global village.

And in a protracted situation of Covid-19's physical and financial uncertainty, where every pundit has a fresh take on pinning this week's "new normal" into numbers, Herbert is here thinking about what the next normal should be. And in a word; kinder.

Herbert runs Be Kind Lyfe Coaching, a consultancy firm that posits kindness as a central thesis to every business outcome you're looking for. And she makes compelling arguments for it. It's not just that everyone wants to work in a nice place to work (sounds obvious, but hasn't quite landed in many workplaces)- it's that happiness, joy, and play activate parts of our brain that truly contain the best parts of ourselves- and our potential. And that's just good for the bottom line. Behavioural scientists, happiness psychology, and neurologists would agree with her. When you're talking to a team about mission, vision, and values, it doesn't mean a drop unless they have their hearts in it. And what better way to win that over, then a little kindness?

Herbert has kindly shared with us her many years of expertise and insight, which you can read about here or on her site. Her program uses communication, expectation setting and mindfulness techniques to create inspiring work environments. Contact us today to develop a program with Andie Herbert.

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