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First Aid Arts

Mental Health and Art Therapy Partner

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First Aid Arts is committed to bringing practical tools and education to people so they can better manage their mental well-being, in refugee camps in Jordan, incarcerated women in Florida, and now in our CarePackages.

First Aid Arts is exactly what it sounds like: they use art-based interventions to help survivors of trauma begin the process of recovering from experiences like abuse, violence, or natural disaster. Our trainings and toolkit are informed by neurological and psychological research that supports the use of art-based therapies to reduce post-traumatic symptoms.

Globally, they offer trainings in the Healing Arts Toolkit program for staff and volunteers at organizations serving trauma survivors. We have been invited to train groups working with survivors of natural disasters, refugees and trafficking victims all around the world.

With CultureCare, they create art-based and science-backed mental well-being toolkits for our CarePackages. Their work is featured in our employee mental well-being CarePackages. They also offer company-wide workshops, for everything from general check-ins to trauma communications, and training programs to HR professionals.

Talk to us today about developing a program for your team.

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