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Pueblo Nuevo x CultureCare 


HR Team

Pueblo Nuevo has partnered with CultureCare to deliver you this CarePackage in support of mental health and general wellness. It's a small token of our appreciation and our commitment to your overall well-being. Let's be sure to practice self-care, so we can better care for our clients, colleagues, and communities.


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We’ve compiled a few resources here that we wanted to highlight - because wellness is always a top priority at Pueblo Nuevo!

In the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, the global prevalence of anxiety and depression increased by a massive 25%, according to the WHO. It’s important to us that our Pueblo Nuevo family has access to resources to support them, and that they feel encouraged to prioritize their mental health and self care.


Employee Appreciation Days     

Every Friday starting at 1 pm local time, we encourage all employees to take this time for themselves for whatever they need – lunch with a friend, more family time, or something active to get your body moving :)


Guardian EAP (Employee Assistance Program) 


EAP is a confidential support line designed to assist with a variety of everyday issues, as well as unexpected personal, financial, and legal matters. It covers a wide array of issues such as parenting, education, legal, life advice, and healthy living. Our employees receive a referral to a counselor through the EAP will also receive 3 free sessions.


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Pueblo Nuevo CarePackage Highlights 


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CarePackage delivered to your doorstep

Curated goodies and experiences with your health in mind delivered to your door!

Mental Wellbeing

It's a small token of our appreciation and our commitment to your overall well-being.

Madagascar, Mozambique, or Nicaragua? 

We plant one tree for every CarePackage sent.

The items in your CarePackage are curated to promote healthy habits around nutrition, personal care and mindfulness and are from small, diverse & inclusive businesses that we think you’ll love!

As our lives get busier, we often tend to everyone else but ourselves. This week, set aside some time to enjoy your new wellness products. You are a priority!

Trees are planted by local communities, giving jobs and preserving endangered wildlife. Eco-initiatives to re-forest, save wildlife, restore our oceans, and more every month. We partner with trusted-tree planting organizations to ensure that the right trees are being planted in the right places. 

What's in your CarePackage?

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