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"Getting help is not a weakness; seeking support is a strength."


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It's Wellness Time.

Everyone can use a little support. Whether it is talking through a challenging issue you are facing at work, or learning new ways to navigate difficult interpersonal relationships at home, the Center for Clinical Wellness is here to help. Rush Wellness is creating highly innovative, evidence-based solutions that are positively impacting our community and the future of health care. 

The Center for Clinical Wellness is a healing environment designed for and tailored to Rush employees, students and house staff. We have three primary goals:

  • Creation of a culture of wellness, including programs to address burnout, support resilience and increase joy in work.

  • Increased support for mental health, including access to care, reduction in stigma and strategic partnerships to prevent suicide.

  • Production of leading research through an emphasis on data and analytics.​

The Center for Clinical Wellness provides a network of on-site and virtual resources, including free counseling, coaching, rooftop yoga, mindfulness training, wellness workshops and talks, and other wellness-oriented services. Services are available Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. both via telehealth and in-person.


CarePackage delivered to your doorstep

Curated goodies and experiences with your health in mind delivered to your door!

The items in your CarePackage are curated to promote healthy habits around nutrition, personal care and mindfulness and are from small, diverse & inclusive businesses that we think you’ll love!

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It's ok to take some time to explore the resources we've made available to the team. 

Be well! - Don't forget to visit the Corporate Wellness Page on The Hub for our agency wellness events!

Madagascar, Mozambique, or Nicaragua? 

We plant one tree for every CarePackage sent.

Trees are planted by local communities, giving jobs and preserving endangered wildlife.

Eco-initiatives to re-forest, save wildlife, restore our oceans, and more every month. We partner with trusted-tree planting organizations to ensure that the right trees are being planted in the right places. 

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What's in your CarePackage

Time for Wellness

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Mental Well-being CarePackage

The global pandemic has put mental well-being at the forefront for organizations like yours. We've curated select treats, products, and experiences to promote healthy habits around nutrition, personal care, and mindfulness from small, diverse & inclusive businesses that we think you’ll love!