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Imagine 100% open rates
with CultureCare.

Managing plans can be hard. We're here to make it easier.

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Great Brokers are Turning into Strategic Advisors.
CultureCare Helps them Bridge the Gap.

Most brokers say it's important to add new services to stay competitive in today’s market. However, only 10% of brokers are planning on offering new services in 2022. 

Clients are asking for support with employee engagement (85%), benefits communications (90%), and transparency (74%) services..

66% of brokers said their clients are relying on them to contain overall health care costs.

As lack of price transparency and low consumer health literacy contributes to climbing medical costs, benefits brokers have an opportunity to deliver more value than ever as strategic advisors..

Becoming a strategic advisor is key to differentiating a broker from the competition. 

During open enrollment season, brokers said their employer clients look for them to help with benefits communications (81%), enrollment support (80%), engaging employees on benefits choices (80%), and selecting the right plans to offer employees (73%).

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Use CultureCare to go above and beyond to help develop and execute a year-round benefits communications strategy.

Help your clients with benefits comms & enrollment support.

Over 80% of clients are looking for these services in their brokers. Use our tools to go above and beyond to help develop and execute a year-round benefits communications strategy, assist employees in understanding the options that are right for them, and provide an outlet for asking benefits questions. 

Engage members with digital tools, content and activities.

Partnering with CultureCare allows brokers to serve as a strategic consultant/advisor creating “stickiness” and increasing engagement to drive down healthcare costs.

Automate with White Glove Customer Service.

Get a dedicated advisor with years of relevant experience, not just a salesperson, who will help you get the best out of the CultureCare platform.  You'll receive content, support, strategic ideation, and more as we continue to develop and expand our platform. 

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