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Imagine 100% open rates
with CultureCare.

Team communication can be hard. 
We're here to make it easier.


workplace wellness and well being

Traditional Communication Doesn’t Work.
CultureCare Bridges the Gap for HR Leaders.

There's a big disconnect in percieved and actual support.

An IBM study  (Oct. 2020) revealed that only 46% of employees said their company supports their physical and emotional health. 80% of executives believe their company is supportive.

When companies try to boost employee wellbeing, it doesn't work for most.

Gartner’s 2021 EVP Survey revealed that although 87% of employees have access to mental and emotional well-being offerings, only 46% of employees are even aware of these programs, and only 23% of employees use them. 

Even with tools in place, employees don't feel like they can use them fully.

Among all employees who could have participated in a physical well-being program in 2020 but didn’t, 38% said it was because they were too busy. And when dealing with mental well-being-  only 49% of employees say their manager understands their problems and needs. It is critical that managers feel empowered to discuss personal well-being topics, such as stress and anxiety, with their team – to let employees know that it is okay to not be okay.

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HR Comms That Everyone Will Love.

Employees physically engage with your Care Packages in an increasingly virtual world.

Communicate important messages company-wide for any occasion, like discussing open enrollment, virtual health fairs, announcements, or simply celebrating the end of a productive year. 

Optimize engagement - hear and be heard.

Get surveys & pulse checks to drive data-driven wellness and engagement strategies. Get your own insert cards, QR codes, and dedicated web pages with your logo, messages, and multimedia.

Automate with White Glove Customer Service.

Get a dedicated advisor with years of relevant experience, not just a salesperson, who will help you get the best out of the CultureCare platform.  You'll receive content, support, strategic ideation, and more as we continue to develop and expand our platform. Let us know your goals and we'll set you up for success. 

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