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Stellar x CultureCare 


HR Team

We have partnered with CultureCare to deliver you this CarePackage in support of mental health and general wellness. It's a small token of our appreciation and our commitment to your overall well-being. Let's be sure to practice self-care, so we can better care for our clients, colleagues, and communities.


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We’ve compiled a few resources here that we wanted to highlight - because wellness is always a top priority at Stellar!


Upcoming: Employee Appreciation Days     

Every Friday starting at 1 pm local time, we encourage all employees to take this time for themselves for whatever they need – lunch with a friend, more family time, or something active to get your body moving - because your mind won't move unless you do!


Guardian EAP (Employee Assistance Program) 


EAP is a confidential support line designed to assist with a variety of everyday issues, as well as unexpected personal, financial, and legal matters. It covers a wide array of issues such as parenting, education, legal, life advice, and healthy living. Our employees receive a referral to a counselor through the EAP will also receive 3 free sessions.


Free Virtual Yoga


We offer 2 virtual yoga classes per month led by a certified instructor.

  • First Tuesday at 5:30 pm ET/2:30 pm PT

  • Second Tuesday at 8:00 pm ET/5:00 pm PT

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Stellar CarePackage Highlights 


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