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CarePackages foster an employee-centric culture that's a win-win for your team and bottom line

When you create a culture of wellness, every employee knows their company cares. And when employees feel cared for every day, they do their best work.


Proudly supporting employee wellness at organizations defining the workplace of the future. 


We work with people leaders, brokers, and health plans to deliver engagement solutions, wellness goods, and communication tools to infuse well-being into the workplace.  

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A refreshing way to infuse wellness into the workplace.

When you create a culture of wellness, every employee knows their company cares. And when employees feel cared for every day, they do their best work.

Imagine 100% Open Rates ✉️. Keep the conversation going with a curated one-off or subscription-based CarePackages.
Work-Life Balance with wellness products, tools, & engagement surveys to support self care and overall well-being at home & work
  • Thoughtful curation - Charitable & Community Oriented Goods.
  • Diversity Equity & Inclusion with representative suppliers & brand partners
  • We plant one tree with every package sent and commit to great causes
  • Increase engagement with Open Enrollment, EAP awareness and culture initiatives
  • Insightful surveys provide people leaders with data to shape the workplace
  • Wellness Goods & Experiences- a tangible and recurring reminder of your appreciation of your people to drive engagement up and help retention

🔥😄 Reward

🤔 🤩 Retain

😜 🤝 Engage

🥳 😋 Recognize


We're on a mission to help businesses increase employee engagement & wellness through building a culture of care.

Through partnering with HR leaders, employee benefits brokers, and health plans to build recurring, data-driven wellness and recognition programs that work.


Eat, drink, self-care...repeat. Not your typical vending machine snacks or corporate swag.

Encourage employee health & well-being by sending them mindful options to eat, drink and practice self-care from small, diverse, and inclusive suppliers.   We like Brands that are Planet Positive 🌏 This means being an eco-friendly vendor, maintaining a low impact when shipping, prioritizing recycled materials and designing compostable packaging ideally with non-toxic soy-based inks. We keep an eye out for Diversity-Driven teams 👨🏽‍🌾 We pay special attention to minority, female or small family-owned businesses. A focus on fairtrade and conscious consumption is especially important to us. Last but not least, Collective-Inclusion 👫 Allergy & diet-friendly goods and of course goods with a focus on mental well-being.


Maximize Employee Engagement with a branded Wellness Hub & Campaign cards.

We're here to help you spread the news! Don't send another email, start another Slack channel, or schedule another Zoom! Use a CarePackage to get your team's attention to:

  • Increase Open Enrollment participation 

  • Drive EAP and wellness program awareness

  • Corporate comms and culture-building campaigns

  • Pulse checks and surveys 

  • Develop remote/hybrid workplace touchpoints 

  • DEI support via small, diverse, and inclusive suppliers 

  • Reward, recognize, and appreciation

Learn how CultureCare can help you amplify your goals 🤗.

Did you know: $1 invested into wellness intervention programs for high-risk employees yields a 5x result.

Let's launch your CarePackage Program to deliver results. 🚀

Our expertise is in improving employee engagement and wellness while supporting awesome companies doing good for their communities and planet. We're proud to serve HR leaders, employee benefits brokers, and health plans as a trusted partner dedicated to improving employee well-being one CarePackage at a time!


How can we help meet your goal(s)?

Let us know about your wellness, retention or engagement needs. We'll curate your CarePackage goods based on goals and desired delivery frequencies. 

Your existing wellness funds can cover the costs.

We'll coordinate with your broker or provider to get your CarePackages cost reimbursed.

Imagine 100% open rates

Your employee engagement advisor will help you craft the perfect program, delivery goals and CTAs to meet your CarePackage goals.  

Branded Wellness Digital Hub & Branded Insert Cards

Get a dedicated advisor with years of relevant experience, not just a salesperson, who will help you get the best out of the CultureCare platform.  You'll receive content, support, strategic ideation, and more as we continue to develop and expand our platform. Let us know your goals and we'll set you up for success. 

Sit back and learn

Recurring programs and engagement surveys deliver data to help you keep a pulse on the people you care for. 

How often do you want your CarePackages?

While one-off campaigns are great for specific goals. Our brand partners are finding success in boosting lasting engagements and wellness at work through curated & discounted recurring programs that ship monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. 


Your CarePackages may already be covered
through existing wellness funds.

CultureCare is an approved wellness vendor with leading health plan providers. We'll coordinate with your broker or provider to get your CarePackages cost reimbursed. Contact us today to see if you are eligible.


Our wellness CarePackages drive participation and deliver the resources employees need, resulting in happier, more productive people.

Book a demo with an engagement today. Our team is ready to help you get a wellness program running. We're here to help you be proactive with the goals you have today and tomorrow. 


What companies are saying about CultureCare

4.7 out of 5

Word on the street in People-Leaders are seeing results with CultureCare.


“When we acquire a new company the most important system integration is people.  We use CarePackages to let people know why they’re important and to begin the process of creating a new company culture.  And people love when their CarePackages show up on their doorstep.”

            Lauren R. 

             HR leader, M&A Fortune 200     


“It’s harder than ever to truly connect with our employees.  Every department has its own hybrid schedule and we can never get everyone in the same room.  We use CarePackages to guarantee that we connect with our employees to drive engagement with core HR needs like open enrollment, training, new employee onboarding and just letting employees know we care about them.”

            Thuy Y. 

            HR Director, County Govt 


"Employee engagement around surveys and participation with wellness resources is up since we started sending employees quarterly CarePackages. Our people love opening their boxes and scanning the QR codes to learn more about our offerings and what's in the box!"


            Diane M. 

            Chief People Officer, Fintech 

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